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Personal Evangelism
This vital study deals with basic concepts, methods and the message of personal soul winning.

Discipleship Training
A relevant study for training in discipleship. It includes an investigation of the early church, the process of making disciples, and the elements of leadership training. Special emphasis is also given to the problem of materialism in the life of modern Christians.

Practical Missionary Strategies
Biblical principles and common sense approach to the basic preparation for missionary service. This course deals with matters such as the call to mission work, choosing a mission board, family needs, discouragement, differences in countries and major problem areas of missionaries.
Biblical Basis of Missions
The Biblical basis of missions is much deeper than the Great Commission Bible verse. Matthew 29:18-19 is one of the most widely used church mission statements. But what of the actual involvement in missions by the church members? Does the Bible have more to teach about missions? Certainly. Dr. Robert Glover's classic work gives attention to the character of the missionary and a wide range of missionary subjects ranging from intercessory prayer to world evangelism.


Child Evangelism
Any Christian can lead a child to Christ! It is a unique opportunity given by the Holy Spirit. A little child can believe in Christ. Some say he can't; Jesus says he can. It is easier to win a child than to win an adult. People saved while a child have a much greater chance of a lifetime of service for the Lord. Discover effecive ways to gently point children toward Christ and the salvation He offers.
The New Birth
Did our Lord Jesus Christ come to this world—suffer and die on the Cross—just to make people moral? Or did He come to do more than that? Today’s soul winner needs to be able to communicate what it means to be born again and what will follow. Can you give solid Biblical answers to questions on such topics as redemption, Christianity, the second blessing and suffering in the life of a believer? This course is based on classic sermons by Evangelist Oliver B. Greene, and can better equip the student to know how to “…be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear” (1 Peter 3:15).

Christian Warfare
The Christian life is a warfare, not a picnic. We are called to be soldiers, and this course identifies our enemies, shows how we should fight, and describes the conditions for victory. Authors and prayer warriors E.M. Bounds, J.Vernon McGee, and Roy C. Putnam share Biblical teachings on the Christian's most potent weapon - prayer. If there is one area where all Christians need to improve, it is prayer. 


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