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Key Words of the Christian Life
A doctrinal word study based on the work of Warren Wiersbe covering such topics as justification, adoption, regeneration, propitiation, imputation, sanctification, reconciliation, redemption, intercession, mediation, predestination, and glorification. This course is designed to deepen the student's walk with Christ.

Success God’s Way
Can success and a godly life truly be reconciled? Yes! God desires for His people to be successful and He is committed to helping His people become successful. True principles of success are only those based upon God's Word. Dr. Charles Stanley discusses Biblical truths for achieving true contentment and purpose in life.
Competence in Counseling
Can counseling that uses the secular principles of Freud or Rogerian methods be truly competent? No. Counseling can only be competent if Jesus is at the center of Biblically directed discussions. The Holy Spirit is the one who brings about change in the personality and behavior of the counselee. Learn of the nouthetic counseling approach as taught by Dr. Jay Adams. Christian counseling is dramatically different from secular counseling or psychiatry. 


The Biblical Family
This course deals with Biblical principles which lead to strong and successful homes, including the proper role of husband, wife, and children. Practical scriptural solutions are presented for the problems which plague families today. 

Counseling the Bereaved
Ministering to the grief of those left behind following the death of a loved one is never an easy task. Our world is growing more complicated, the challenges are becoming greater, and the situations people face, more intense. This practical course uses insight from Warren and David Wiersbe to provide a comprehensive and scriptural resource for pastors and church leaders who counsel people who mourn. It shows how to comfort people through the grieving process and how to minister in a wide variety of situations to those who are dealing with death.

The Gift of Forgiveness
In this course Dr. Charles Stanley shares the specifics of how to receive God’s forgiveness, and addresses such issues as how to practice a life of forgiveness in terms of relationships and how to make forgiveness an ongoing, practical experience. Helping others deal with unforgiveness and bitterness is one of the most important tasks Christian counselors face today..

Marriage Counseling
A course designed to help counselors give good Biblical advice for couples having problems with their relationships. Emphasis is given to the goal of marriage, the meeting of personal needs, and the foundational building blocks for an enduring and successful marriage.

Winning over Worry
The need to help people cope with the problem of worry cries out for a spiritual solution! Uncontrolled worry corrodes the joy of living and brings about deterioration of mind and body. The world tries to solve these problems with temporary, partial quick-fixes (often resorting to medication that may even lead to substance abuse). Any non-biblical approach will ultimately just give the worrier more to worry about. People are desperate for a total solution, and that can only be found through God’s peace principles as revealed in His Word. This course uses a classic bestseller by John E. Haggai and a small booklet by Charles Weigle to equip the counselor to point others to worry-free living.

Handling Adversity
This course is based on How to Handle Adversity by Charles Stanley. When troubles come, we usually ask why. But the more significant question is "How should I respond?" This course can help you personally and can provide a Biblical resource for you in counseling with others.



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