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About The Courses

Watch our 2 minute movie. Learn more about the courses and Patriot

Study to earn a certification in Pastoral Studies, Christian Teacher, Christian Counselor, Chaplain, or Missionary or Evangelist.

6 Course Vocational Ministry $199 complete.

3 Course Leadership Training $99 complete.

12 Course Bible Diploma $399 complete.

Study the Bible with doctrinally conservative courses using the King James Version. All courses are reading based, self-paced, self-directed.

General Biblical Scholarship $29-$79 each.

Personal Spiritual Growth $199 six pak.

Foundations & Beginnings $199 six pak.

Now offering single CEU courses - $79 complete.

All courses are reading based, self-paced, self-directed. Courses are graded by PSB. Watch our 2 min. movie to learn how the courses work.

Printed Patriot courses include a 200-300 page textbook accompanied by a colorful workbook. The high quality workbooks ask the student questions directly from the reading assignment and the Bible.  (Students do not sit through taped lectures, write pages of notes, and take multiple 'guess' tests).

eCourses available for many titles. eCourses are interactive pdf courses completed on the computer.


Equipping For Ministry

(1) To make systematic, practical and conservative Bible training available and affordable for any believer.

(2) To better prepare believers for the ministries to which God has called them.

(3) To help refresh and refuel (through God’s Word) those currently in the ministry.

PSB has been training disciples through distance learning for more than 30 years and is more relevant now than ever!

Enrolled PSB students may take individual courses and earn 2 credits.

CEU (Continuing Education Units) courses are Christian training and education with a Biblically conservative worldview.

CEU credits and diploma are awarded by Patriot Bible University.

($20 one-time)
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