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GB 101P Basic Bible Doctrine
Is it time to get "back to the basics"? This course covers important Bible doctrines including the attributes of God, the person and work of Christ, the ministry of the Holy Spirit; and teachings regarding man, Satan, angels, the church, and end time events. Added emphasis on Christian living. No matter how long you've been a Christian, we believe you will learn much from this course. Every believer should have a working understanding of these core doctrines.

GB 202P - Key Words of the Christian Life
A doctrinal word study based on the work of Warren Wiersbe covering such topics as justification, adoption, regeneration, propitiation, imputation, sanctification, reconciliation, redemption, intercession, mediation, predestination, and glorification. This course is designed to deepen the student's walk with Christ.

GB 311P - Eternal Security 
Can salvation be lost or is it truly eternal? How does the minister assure a doubting but repentant believer? How does the "unpardonable sin" fit into this discussion? One of the oldest New Testament arguments is "grace vs. Works". It continues today-even within God's Kingdom. This course gives the believer a comprehensive Biblical teaching on whether salvation can be lost once received. Charles Stanley and Curtis Hutson provide the teaching that could revolutionize the joy of your faith. A Biblical understanding of this topic will give the minister a powerful evangelistic and disciple-making tool.

GB 412P - God’s Presence in Your Life  
The presence of God in the life of believers gives full access to the power of God for our lives. Christians are to be temples of the living God. In this course, Adrian Rogers explains how Christians can make this truth a living reality and start to fully enjoy the sweetness of their salvation. He also clears up common misconceptions about what it means to have God residing within believers, and takes students back to the Old Testament to show how the tabernacle and temple were visual models of God’s desire to dwell among His people.

SC 208P-Bible and Science
Based on research by Henry Morris, this study covers the harmony between science and the Bible, the problem with the theory of evolution, the validity of the flood, Biblical archaeology, and scientific insights into prophecy.

SC 408P The Battle for the Beginning
Based on John MacArthur’s book by the same title, this eye-opening course deals with creation, evolution and the Bible. It vividly shows how the very foundations of our faith depend on the literal truth of the first three chapters of Genesis.



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