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Personal Spiritual Growth

Choose from 3 study tracks.

1. Christian Education Precepts for School and Church Teachers - 6 Courses

Ideal for public school teachers, private sector teachers, homeschool parents, Sunday school teachers, or anyone who instructs children, this certification programs explores the Biblical principles of instruction, how to implement them, and how to insure God’s word is part of education.

The ultimate reference, the Bible not only teaches the true character of God, but can be used to gain insight into effective teaching methods used by God to teach his people.  Completion of this certification program will help any teacher become well grounded in God’s Word and provide insight into Biblical teaching methods.

 [Courses & Descriptions] 

2. Successful Christian Parenting - 6 Courses

Being a Christian with children does not guarantee successful Christian parenting. There is no greater spiritual task than training the children God has created and given to as a gift.  Children only grow up once. Parents are admonished by the Lord to train them up in the way they should go.  Oh, and did we mention those teenager years?

Children will be bombarded with the world’s “truth” and will find it challenging to walk away from it.  Successful Christian parenting requires that we know God’s Truth and pass it on to our children.  To do this, parents must know God’s Truth and be able to communicate it to their children in a manner that the children with take it to heart and make it their own. This program will provide today’s parents the fundamental information and practical tools to achieve this goal.  Parents cannot afford to skip this training! 

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3. Bible Scholarship 101 - 6 Courses

A history book, a love letter, a guidebook for life, a word portrait of God, the Holy Bible is a book like not other.  The living Word of God can be studied for a life time and never grow old.  Jesus says of the words of the Bible, “It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.” John 6:63

PSB offers this certification for the Biblical scholar who desires to have professional teaching but at his/her own pace and location. God has gifted men to teach others His Word and PSB has gathered up some of the best to teach this program. You’ll learn from the likes of R.A. Torrey, Theodore Epp, John Rice and others. Yes, the program even includes an introduction to Greek Word Studies. The scholar is bound to not only gain marvelous insights into the word and heart of God but have fun while learning.

 [Courses & Descriptions]  

Foundations and Beginnings

             Discovery Module - 6 Courses 

Not sure about the tenets of the Christian Faith? Who is the God of the Bible? Is He actively involved in today’s world? Does He know all about me? What does the Bible say about the Trinity? Is the Bible true?

Can we find harmony between science and the Bible? What is the problem with the theory of evolution? Is there scientific information about the validity of the flood? What about Biblical archaeology and scientific insights into prophecy.... And much more.. 

Included Courses:  [Course Descriptions] 

            GB 101P—Basic Bible Doctrine
            GB 202P—Key Words of the Christian Life
            GB 311P - Eternal Security  
            GB 412P—God’s Presence in Your Life 
            SC 208P—Bible and Science
            SC 408P—The Battle for the BeginningCBC_files/christian_education_precepts_cho.htmCBC_files/successful_christian_parenting_1.htmCBC_files/bible_scholarship_1_choose_6_for.htmCBC_files/foundations.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2shapeimage_2_link_3

Study the Bible with doctrinally conservative courses using the King James Version. All courses are reading based, self-paced, self-directed.

General Biblical Scholarship $39 each.

CEU Courses (2 credit hours) $79 each

Personal Spiritual Growth $199 six pak.

Foundations & Beginnings $199 six pak.

General Biblical Scholarship

* Course Prices include tuition, grading, sales tax. Only CEU courses earn 2 credits.

About The Training

This is ‘basic training’ for the disciple who is called to serve the Lord’s church. All courses are affordable, self-paced, self-directed home study with no residency requirements and each are graded by PSB. "Education that is accessible to all."

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